Choosing the Ideal Spot for Your Japanese Floral Tattoo

Do you want a fabulous Japanese floral tattoo but are still wondering where to get it? It is already a good sign that you are questioning yourself, and that is the best way to find the perfect place for it. The proper tattoo placement is crucial as it will affect the overall aesthetic appeal and must integrate the body parts you choose. It means that the location affects the design and vice versa! Choose the ideal spot for your Japanese floral tattoo by following these tips:

Symbolism and Meaning

Japanese floral tattoos carry a deep symbolic meaning as they ankers into Japan’s history and culture. Each Japanese flower has a different symbolism, and you must resonate with it before tattooing it on your skin. Plus, the message behind the Japanese floral tattoo would undoubtedly interfere with its placement. For example, cherry blossoms symbolize beauty and life’s transient nature, and lotus flowers represent purity and enlightenment. Knowing the profound significance of your tattoo and its messages, you may want to keep it private and hidden or, on the contrary, expose it to the world. It would be great to show respect for Japanese culture by avoiding placing it on body parts that could offend the culture.

Size and Detail

The size of your tattoo is personal and will implicate more or fewer details. Going for a larger tattoo will demand more detailed designs and require a spacious body part, like your back, chest, or leg. You may have heard of a Japanese tattoo bodysuit that covers almost all your body. For those designs, each placement is meaningful. However, if you prefer a small tattoo that you can easily hide or place in a tiny area such as the neck, wrist or ankle, you will get fewer details but can make it stunning and unique.

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Season Influence

It may surprise you, but your tattoo’s placement could also depend on the season. Indeed, as you must protect your tattoo from UV rays, you must anticipate its location based on the sun you see during the day. It may be better to get a visible tattoo during winter when it is easy to hide it from the sunlight under your clothes, and go for smaller tattoos that you can easily hide without suffering from the heat during summer. Be careful; a new tattoo has no sunblocking capabilities and will sunburn in 3 minutes of direct sunlight! Keep your Japanese Floral art safe and stay hydrated!

Occupation and Regulation

Getting a tattoo on a part of your body that can’t be covered can get you in trouble in some work areas. If you are considering a tattoo on the face, neck, forearm, or lower legs but are not sure about the regulations in the company you work for, maybe it is better to check out the policies. You may think of future employment and anticipate consequences that your tattoo may or may not have on your ability to find a job.

Long-term Considerations

Getting a tattoo is for life, and its placement will affect aging. You must consider factors such as sun exposure. Having your tattoo on areas frequently exposed to sunlight will deteriorate your tattoo quality faster, especially coloured ones. Women who want a tattoo on their baby should know that pregnancy may affect the tattoo quality, which does not mean they should not do it, but they must anticipate the need for touch-ups on the tattoo. It can be true for men too, as your body is a very distensible part of the body and may not always stay the same with age!