Top Celebrity Sports Bettors of All Time

Did you know that many celebrities just love to place sports bets? In fact, it is so. There are many celebrities from different industries who have turned sports betting into a second career after earning millions as professional players. We were surprised to know that. And we are sure that you will also be!

Floyd Mayweather

A true winner in the ring — Floyd is famous. But did you know that he also wagered hundreds of millions of dollars on sports? After all, you don’t get the moniker “Money” for losing bets. Mayweather’s bet slip has included some well-known names throughout the years, from the ring, court, and field. The boxing star has earned millions of dollars betting on the Super Bowl and college sports. This also includes allegedly $1 million on Marcus Mariota’s Oregon Ducks at a midseason Pac-12 college football game against the Arizona Wildcats. 

Mayweather has also been famous for rapidly rolling over his gains into new wagers. He once spent his college basketball money from a successful March Madness run on a boxer he believed in. But what has Mayweather earned the most money betting on? Himself. Mayweather has invested upwards of $750 million on himself to win in the ring. And this worked out well!

Michael Jordan

A few people know that Michael Jordan is a fan of betting games online. Air Jordan enjoyed a good bet, whether during his career, on the golf course, or in the Chicago Bulls’ locker room before a game.

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Allegations about Jordan’s gambling surfaced in 1993. He went on the record in an interview with Ahmad Rashad. According to his Airness, MJ did not have a gambling issue, but rather a “competition problem.” Jordan’s “competition problem” resulted in a $300,000 debt from golf bets.

In the documentary series “The Last Dance,” which covered Michael Jordan’s time with Chicago, as well as his excursion into Major League Baseball and the Jordan Bulls’ last season, Michael can be seen “pitching pennies” with security man John Michael Wozniak. Although Wozniak defeated Jordan (and replicated MJ’s trademark shrug gesture), it is unknown if Michael will be able to recoup his losses. It only goes to show that even the most successful bettors lose sometimes! It’s not only about wins on

Pete Rose

Most sports fans associate Joe Jackson and Pete Rose with baseball betting. While Jackson was expelled from the sport for life after the Black Sox Scandal, which resulted in their losing the World Series, Rose suffered far greater losses once his betting claims arose.

Pete Rose, MLB’s all-time hit leader, was banned for life when it was discovered that he often wagered on games he managed. During the MLB inquiry, Rose denied betting on baseball but admitted to betting on horse racing, basketball, and football. The Dowd Report, which detailed MLB’s conclusions from the Rose inquiry, deemed the admission to be untrue. According to the study, Rose wagered on 52 Reds games for an average daily stake of $10,000. To Rose’s credit, the Dowd Report found no evidence that he bet against the Reds while managing the team.

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In recent years, the popular image of Pete Rose’s lifelong ban has shifted, with more admirers demanding his acknowledgment. What about Rose’s participation in the legal sports betting industry? He has never been more engaged. The Cincinnati Reds great himself made the first legal sports bet in Ohio.

Wayne Rooney

Only two players have scored more Premier League goals than Wayne Rooney. So it’s no surprise that Rooney enjoyed scoring off the field, owing to his love of sports betting. “I was a young lad who’d just come into a lot of money,” Rooney would recall years after his United career was done. He would make wagers over the phone from his hotel room, taking advantage of his leisure time with nothing else to do.

“It was simple to put bets by phone. It didn’t feel like real money,” the English great said. “It wasn’t like I had to go into a bookmaker’s and put bets where there are limits.”

Those early losses piled up, and Rooney soon started passionate betting. And he now speaks publicly about that. Rooney has participated in a number of responsible gambling initiatives, including with sportsbook providers that were sponsors of the football teams he played for! Maybe he is not the most successful sports bettor on our list. But we can say for sure that he is one of the most well-known.

You Win, You Lose

There is no single while line with sports betting. You have great chances to win — that’s true. But you also have great chances to lose. And the above examples are proving that well. Gamble smartly, and you can count on regular gains.