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Mon, 10 Apr '23, 23:44

SDO stands for Sub Divisional Officer. It is a designation or rank that is used in various government departments, such as electricity board, public works department, irrigation, and more.

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Hmm Full form

Mon, 10 Apr '23, 23:19

"Hmm" is not an acronym and therefore does not have a full form. It is a colloquial expression used in conversation to indicate agreement, acknowledgement, or understanding.

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Google Full form

Mon, 10 Apr '23, 23:14

The term "Google" is a proper noun that represents a popular search engine and technology company. It does not have a full form as it was not created as an acronym. It was originally named "Backrub" in 1996 by its founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin

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Army Full FORM

Mon, 10 Apr '23, 23:11

"Alert Regular Mobility Young" is a commonly used full form of the word "ARMY". It is a descriptive phrase that represents the qualities and characteristics of a modern military force. Here is what each word in the phrase represents:

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Mon, 10 Apr '23, 23:08

The term "OK" is a colloquial English language expression that does not have a universally accepted full form. However, there are various theories about its origin, including the Greek "olla kalla" or "ὅλα καλά" meaning "all good" or "all correct

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Fri, 24 Mar '23, 22:50

EMI stands for Equated Monthly Installment. It refers to the fixed amount of money that a borrower has to pay to a len

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Fri, 24 Mar '23, 20:03

BF can have multiple meanings depending on the context, so here are some of the most common full forms:

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Fri, 24 Mar '23, 15:42

POV stands for Point Of View, which is a literary technique used to convey a story from the perspective of a particular character. POV is commonly used in fiction writing, such as novels and short stories, to provide a more intimate and immersive reading experience for the audience.

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Fri, 24 Mar '23, 15:39

OTT stands for Over-The-Top, which is a term used to describe digital platforms that deliver video content directly to users via the internet, without the need for traditional cable or satellite television services.

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Nato Full form

Fri, 24 Mar '23, 15:36

NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It is a military alliance that was established on April 4, 1949, with the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty in Washington, D.C.

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